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Confident Rider / Back to Biking

If you have had an extended break from motorcycling, or would just like to build your confidence and awareness through proper training then you have come to the right place.

Why take this course?

If you are returning to biking you will find that motorcycles have become more powerful, roads more congested and you may feel a little overwhelmed by it all - we can help you to get your confidence back so you can enjoy the freedom that biking gives.

At Riderskills™, we will use our experience in roadcraft to help you to take charge of your motorcycle and ensure that you are planning your progress on the open road - enjoying the experience of two wheels while riding with safety as your main goal. Your instructor will work with you to develop your cornering and observational skills to put you in control.

Whats involved?

This training course is made up of several elements, starting with machine handling techniques, conducted in a safe environment. This is followed by an assessment ride where the rider will be followed by an instructor who will observe as they experience a variety of road and traffic conditions. The rider will then be briefed on their performance and advice will be given on any areas that may need attention.
A presentation on roadcraft will then be conducted prior to an extended ride to give the trainee an opportunity to practice the items under discussion, and allow the instructor to demonstrate techniques if necessary.

This is a comprehensive course covering machine control, safety, traffic awareness, cornering and observation techniques, aimed at ensuring the trainee has a high level of proficiency with their riding.

Bike to bike radio is used on the road rides to give directions and provide feedback and commentary in a relevant and timely fashion.

Course time approx. 3 hours

Riders are welcome to use their own bike or Riderskills™ can provide a motorcycle at a small additional charge (conditions apply)

Option Cost
Confident Rider course $240
Motorcycle rental $60

Course Pre-Requisites

  • You must produce a valid class 6 learners, restricted or full licence
  • Your motorcycle must have a current warrant of fitness and registration, and be roadworthy to WOF standard
  • Learners must display an 'L' plate
  • You must wear suitable clothing to minimise risk of injury and protect you from adverse weather conditions. In particular, footwear should be fully enclosed. An approved motorcycle helmet must be worn.

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